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Why and How to Elope

Updated: Mar 22

So, you're thinking about an elopement...

Maybe the stress of planning a big wedding is starting to wear on you.

Perhaps people are trying to tell you how to plan YOUR day and, rightfully so, you're over it.

The production and show of having a big ceremony and reception just isn't really your style.

Or, maybe you just want to marry your significant other in an intimate and intentional way, on your own time, however you see fit.

All of these are great reasons why eloping would be the right move for you and your partner.

The best part?


Elopements are often seen as a taking the easy way out or running off to get hitched. That couldn't be further from the truth! We're no longer talking about you grandmother's elopement. We're talking about crafting an amazing day that is tailored specifically to you and your partner in a way that represents YOU.

So how do you make this happen?


Its important to know your budget. Know how much you want to spend and then prioritize your wants and needs to figure where and how much you want to spend on certain things. Consider any vendors you may want (photographer, videographer, planner, hair and make up, officiant), and travel and accommodations that may come into play, food and drink, your wedding attire and rings, and any permits you may need for your location.


Now, maybe I'm biased, but I think finding yourself a photographer should be a number one priority.

Hear me out -

You found the photographer that is perfect for you. You love their work, they seem like a bad ass human, they are committed to making their couples dreams come true but you've already decided on a location or date and your photographer is already booked.

That sucks.

The other great part about finding your photographer right off the bat is that I can help you through a lot of the other planning stuff! I'm an excellent resource for helping you find other vendors, picking the picture perfect location to say I-do, and knowing the local laws and requirements for getting you married!


Next, start brainstorming locations and dates with your partner. Create mood-boards and start considering different places that you could see yourself committing your life to each other. This could be:

The first place you felt that feeling in your gut that you knew you wanted this person in your life forever.

Somewhere that you have talked and dreamed about visiting forever and just haven't made the trip yet.

At your home with your fur babies where you are most comfortable.

In Vegas getting married by Elvis or Darth Vader and then cruising the strip in your wedding attire drinking hand grenades underneath the neon lights.

Hiking out to a beautiful and secluded space with breathtaking views and having a picnic after you say your I-dos.

A helicopter ride to an epic location unlike any other.


What do you love? What makes you happy? What makes you feel good? Start there and have fun with it; really give it some thought to make your day authentic and true-to-you. And, again, I can help you dream up an incredible day and get the process moving in the right direction.

Don't forget to really put some consideration into weather when choosing your date! Know what you're up against and how you want to feel that day.


After you've nailed down your date and location, start filling in those vendor spots! Revisit that mood board and find vendors that fit your style and vibe - I have lots of suggestions and can help find the perfect match for you.


Don't forget all the little things that mean so much.

If you've made the choice to have it just be you and your partner, consider having your family and friends write letters of record videos for you to read/watch during your day.

Take the time to hand write some vows to share with each other before saying I-do.

Maybe you have a special piece of jewelry of clothing that you want incorporated.

Give this some thought and have it be a part of what makes the day special for you.


Don't let planning get the best of you. Have fun with it, let it be something that brings up amazing memories that you and your partner have and then find ways to honor those memories.

Love each other and be considerate of each others thoughts and values. Remember that at the end of the day, all that matters is the two of you. Be intentional and authentic and you're guaranteed to have an incredible elopement day.

**Check out the blog below from Wandering Weddings about Ava + Daws elopement day!**

Ready to plan an epically YOU day??

Get in touch!

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