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Denver Colorado Gets Rocked By Live Performance From The Darkness and The Comancheros

On October 10, 2023, the vibrant Summit stage, nestled in the heart of downtown Denver, witnessed an electrifying performance by two exceptional bands, oozing charisma and musical genius.

Kicking off the night, The Comancheros, a southern rock sensation hailing from Missouri, set the stage ablaze with their robust, "heavy and western" melodies. For those craving an electrifying experience from the comfort of their homes, their latest album, "No Quarter: Live at Duke's Indy," has been available online since August 25th.

With the crowd pumped up and ready to rock, British rock band The Darkness took the stage, igniting a fervor in everyone's hearts. We all found ourselves not only believing in a thing called love but also in the magic of rock and roll. Celebrating two decades since the release of "Permission to Land," they delivered an extraordinary rendition of the entire album, leaving no soul untouched by their musical prowess.

As the night unfolded, the dress code seemed to grow more relaxed, with some concertgoers embracing the notion that less is more. This sartorial shift only added to the euphoria of the night, with the entire crowd getting caught up in the music and atmosphere. The band, in keeping with the spirited mood, shed their stage attire and opted for something more laid-back, eventually concluding the show in bathrobes, and the frontman, Justin Hawkins, even daring to perform in just his skivvies.

It was undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating and memorable concert experiences I've ever had, an unforgettable night that will be etched in my, and many others, memory.

Don't miss out, Check if The Comancheros and The Darkness will be at a venue near you.

Denver Colorado Gets Rocked By Live Performance From The Darkness and The Comancheros - Lauren Black Photography

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